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Lesley Raymond
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This post includes an affiliate link because I think MailerLite kicks ass and I want to spread the word.

Over the past year, I’ve used so many email marketing platforms – ConvertKit, Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact – and I’ve got to admit that every one of them left me wanting a little bit more.

ConvertKit was probably the best of them all, but its high price tag and inability to design pretty emails left much to be desired. (Sorry, folks, I know a lot of you out there love ConvertKit but I’ve found something that I think is much better.)

You’ve already got a a ton of monthly subscriptions for different online services and software, right? So finding inexpensive (and free!) options that you’d actually pay big bucks for if you had the budget is like winning the lottery!

For me, MailerLite is one of those rare finds. Here’s why:


First, MailerLite seems to combine the best features of ConvertKit and Mailchimp.


What I mean by this is that it:

  • Gives you great drag-and-drop design options to craft beautiful emails just like Mailchimp does 
  • It uses ConvertKit’s single list method with the option to segment and group subscribers. 
  • It gives you gorgeous landing page design options (much nicer than ConvertKit’s). 
  • You get several options for pop-up and embedded forms. I particularly like the full-page pop-up form (which I use at 
  • And you get an easy automation builder just like these other platforms.


Second, the price is unbeatable.

You get all of the features for FREE until you reach 1000 subscribers. It’s insane! That includes all the options I talked about above plus unlimited emails no matter which plan you’re on.

If you’ve got 1001-2500 subscribers, it’s only $10 a month. Your plan goes in small increments as your list does. That beats ConvertKit’s hefty price tag by a mile!


Plus, the user-friendly nature of this platform kicks Mailchimp’s bum anyway.

I’ve had many, many frustrated moments with Mailchimp over the past couple of years and am glad to say goodbye to it. No more confusion about how to combine lists, segment them or find your way around the platform.

Seriously, MailerLite is pretty awesome. Give it a shot!